Business Visa (NZ)

New Zealand has been voted one of the easiest places in the world to do business by The World Bank and has a ‘business-friendly economy’.

The ease of doing business in New Zealand is encouraged by the country’s regulatory environment which is more conducive to starting and operating a firm; with such a positive reputation it is little surprise that more and more entrepreneurs are flocking to New Zealand to set up their new business ventures. The business migration categories are designed to contribute to the country’s economic growth, and attract business expertise and smart capital.  If you are an experienced businessperson and considering buying or establishing a business in New Zealand you may be eligible to apply under the Entrepreneur Instructions.  

If you want to establish and work in your own business in New Zealand you will need to apply for a ‘Entrepreneur Work Visa. You will be required to meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a sound business plan that demonstrates relevant knowledge about the New Zealand business environment, and clearly illustrate your planned business venture and the ways it will significantly benefit New Zealand
  • Provide evidence of your relevant business experience
  • Evidence of sufficient funds (in addition to the funds you plan to invest the business)
  • Meet health and character requirements

The Entrepreneur Work Visa also offers people who establish a successful business in New Zealand, a pathway to residence.